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“Jaime Resendez has promise and a passion for education; his personal background and professional accomplishments can serve as an inspiration for students in District 4.”
-Hon. Nancy Bingham


“After serving over the last 20 years as Senator of the 23rd Senatorial District, which includes parts of District 4, and on the Education Committee of the State Senate, I know what type of person we need at DISD. Jaime Resendez is that type of person. His legal training and life experiences will serve him well as a leader and consensus-builder on the DISD school board. I urge you to join me and others in supporting a new generation of leadership.”
-Hon. Royce West


“Jaime grew up in the District and shares my commitment to improving the quality of life for our residents. I am pleased to endorse him for DISD School Board and know he will be a tireless advocate and role model for our students.”
-Hon. Rickey D. Callahan


“Jaime is a product of Dallas ISD schools. He is a great representation of what can be accomplished when one uses an education as the foundation of their success. What is also impressive about Jaime is that he didn’t forget his neighborhood. After graduating from high school, fighting for his country in the military, and then graduating from college and law school, he returned to his neighborhood in Pleasant Grove! He is a former student of Dallas ISD and is now the parent of a Dallas ISD student. Jaime  has the education, experience and insight to guide the school district in efforts and initiatives that will ensure academic success for students and a positive working environment for teachers, staff and administrators. Gracias, Jaime, for stepping forward to lead on the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees!”
-Hon. Diana Flores


“Jaime is an exemplary candidate.  A product of Dallas ISD, Jaime has used education to create opportunities and success in his own life.  He is now a Dallas ISD parent and a real advocate for his community and District 4.  In our view, Jaime is the most qualified and passionate candidate in this race.  He knows best what the students in his community need to be successful and we have no doubt that he will work tirelessly to create opportunities for them.”