Like many students in DISD, I grew up in an economically disadvantaged household. My parents, Mexican immigrants with elementary-level educations, were working hard to make a living and were unable to be involved in my education as much as they would have liked. Before graduating from high school, I enlisted in the Army not fully understanding the impact that decision would have on my life. The realities of war imbued in me a new esteem for life, a passion for education, and the importance of sacrifice for the sake of a higher purpose.

          I’m running for DISD Trustee because I want to see all of our kids be successful, regardless of where they come from. The success of our kids is correlated with the success of our city, our state, and our country. My upbringing and life experiences will bring a perspective to the Board of Trustees that represents the perspective of many DISD students and their families…the hope for a brighter future.

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Election Day - May 7th, 2016


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